Buy Zappbo® - MORE FOR LESS 4 X 2.5" Huge Perfect Ice Balls Value for Money Best Silicone Ice Sphere Maker and Ice Ball Mold for Cocktail,Bourbon,Scotch,Punch,Block,Bottle,Bullets,Candle,Diamond,Bowl,Fred,Guitar,Gun,Luge,Plane,Plastic,Rectangle,Ring,Shot,Skull,Square,Trek,Wars,Swan,Titanic,Cooler,Woman,Stones,Rocks,Chiller,Sculpture,Stick,Coaster,Stainless,Steel,Soapstone,Beer,Muddler

Zappbo® - MORE FOR LESS 4 X 2.5

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Zappbo Ice Sphere Maker and Ice Ball Molds are perfect and best for your cocktails, liquors, juices, drinks and many more other types of liquids. Why? Because, it brings together the art of the mold and the science of the ice balls or spheres that will literally and ultrally slow down the melting of the ice balls which in turn quickly cools without watering down your drinks and brings out every flavor of it. Your drinks will remain its perfect texture and taste while you enjoy the cool and refreshing drinks.

Tips on making perfect huge ice balls : Fill the water to the fill line. Gently, place the top cover on so as to prevent any water coming out from the little hole. Place the ice mold into freezer. Enjoy the perfect huge round ice. Click the yellow Add To Cart button NOW.


  • Best Ice Ball Mold You Can Find For Making Perfect 2.5" Round Shaped Ice Sphere.
  • Perfect For All Liquors and Drinks As The Ice Balls Are Ultra Slow In Melting That Quickly Cools Your Drinks Without Watering It Down And Brings Out Every Flavor Of Your Drinks.
  • The Silicone Ice Ball Molds are BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe. The Ice Balls Are Easy To Release From The Ice Mold.
  • These Sophisticated Ice Ball Molds Are Classically Designed Such That The Innovative Cap Creates Larger Higher Quality Ice Balls Every Time.
  • These Durable Silicone Ice Molds Will Not Leak And Will Not Tip In Your Freezer. It Can Be Stacked Neatly To Conserve Space. Very Easy To Use. Just Add Water And Freeze. Come with Pack of 4 Silicone Ice Ball Molds.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Work like a charm

My husband likes scotch on the rocks. I saw these and thought they'd be perfect for this drink, but was a bit concerned that they might not work. I mean, by the looks of them, you'd get a half of a ball of ice. They work! The only trick is that you MUST only fill them to the fill line and then very gently put the top on so as not to have the water come spurting out of the little hole in the top. Into the freezer over night and VOILA. Perfect ice balls. People that visit get a kick out of them too. Highly recommended!

5 out of 5 stars They work and are easy to fill
Merrill R. Mcalister

Aloha, I got these because I was advised that round ice balls cooled the drinks better. I haven't found the round ice works better than large ice cubes, however they are a bit fun. I over fill them, put on the lid and let the extra water flow out the top hole. I then put a finger over the hole and tip the excess water off the top. The ice comes out nice and round, but it is not as clear as smaller ice cubes. The single round ice ball works better when you take a sip since you only have one piece of ice to let the liquid slide into your mouth rather than several ice cubes.So in short, if you like to sit and do what ever, have a drink, try them., I even put one in my rum and Coke. I'm buying another set.SkipUpdate 4/2/2014 I found that if you leave them in the container for a long period of time, they are a bit harder to remove from the top. I now let them get hard, remove them from the container, and place the balls in the ice tray with the other regular ice cubes. They seem to work just fine.

5 out of 5 stars ice balls

They make perfect round ice balls. It is easy to remove them from the holders. The ice does not melt as fast as regular cubes do.

5 out of 5 stars Ice balls
Thomas Kidd

I actually haven't mastered the art of making crystal clear ice with these yet, but they are easy to use. Fill them up to the line, put the rubber top on slowly (so you don't shoot too much water out), and plug the hole and turn it upside down to clear any remaining water that may have splashed on top. On a side note, these do take a while to freeze since they are bigger than your average sized ice cube. I also notice that my dogs (who love ice on a hot day) love to chase these around the back patio. If I had a bigger freezer, I would by more.

5 out of 5 stars Zappbo-4x2.5" Huge Perfect Ice Balls Value...

Great conversation item...& great to use....Great delivery service...Easy to use & Easy Release...Perfect gift item for people who has everything...

1 out of 5 stars Comes with only 2 molds
Jeremy Penaflor

Product description and pictures shows it comes with 4 ice molds. Package actually comes with only 2 molds.

5 out of 5 stars Great ice cube maker
Annie s

Balls of ice is a new concept but a great oneThey take longer to melt into the drink so you can enjoy the drink. LongerSilicone ice maker so lasts a long timeGreat price for something you will use time and againRecommended

5 out of 5 stars Best orbs ever!!
Jillian Pobocan

I bought these as a gift for my boyfriend. Most retailers were selling them in packs of one or two, but I really managed to get a deal with these guys! I paid the same amount I would have on the set of 2 I had marinating in my cart. Regardless, these are nice because they lay still in your freezer, on the shelf, and if you overflow the levels it a bit, there is a little hole on top that helps that excess seep out. I tested it out and made a drink at night so I can grab and go the next morning. The ball was still in a perfect sphere and had melted down only a bit! This is a great buy and a great invention, no more square ice ever!


Amazing Sale! This Week Only!** Premium Set ** Great Gift! Creates Multiple Sizes - Will Fit Your Glassware! Made From Top Of The Line, Premium Food Grade Silicone - BPA Free and FDA Approved - Makes 4 Ice Balls - Includes 4 Silicone Ice Molds: 2 x 2.5" & 2 x 2" - Creates Perfect Spheres - Ideal For Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch - 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee! No Questions Asked!

Amazing Sale! This Week Only!** Premium Set ** Great Gift! Creates Multiple Sizes - Will Fit Your Glassware! Made From Top Of The Line, Premium Food Grade Silicone - BPA Free and FDA Approved - Makes 4 Ice Balls - Includes 4 Silicone Ice Molds: 2 x 2.5

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Why are some customers so happy while others are unhappy with their ice ball set?

*Most brands are engineered with the cheapest materials. Ours are made with the BEST.
In addition, we have unique design, colorful and fun packaging, and a lifetime guarantee. That is why customer's love The North Pole's Multi Size Ice Ball Maker.

Don't buy a set that your recipient will not enjoy. Buy the Multi Size Ice Ball Set and insure their happiness.

We have the Perfect Mold, Incredible Quality, Multiple Sizes, More Choices, and Amazing Packaging.


  • PERFECT GIFT - Perfect gift for any occasion. Will use again and again. Great conversation starter. Recipient will GENUINELY love this gift. *Premium Quality Set* Be sure to buy more than one and use coupon code below!
  • MULTIPLE USE SILICONE - *People sometimes mistake this set for just the use of ice - With The North Pole's Ice Ball Maker, in addition to making ice spheres, you can make ice cream balls, freeze fruit juice, or make food molds.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES - Can fit in different size glassware. Most other brands only give one size - We offer TWO. Freeze and stock pile extras for larger parties or unexpected guests. 2" ice ball molds can fit in most smaller opening glasses, such as wine glasses and martini cocktail glassware. 2.5" ice balls are perfect for rocks glasses and whiskey drinks. Also great for non-alchoholic drinks like making pitchers of iced tea or lemonade, as well as infusing your water with fruit inside the ice mold.
  • PREMIUM ICE BALL SET - Unlike many cheaper made brands we take pride and use the best quality materials. Unlike many other brands our ice will NOT stick to the molds. Made from the most premium quality grade silicone. On top of that, we have mixed sizes to ensure it will fit any size glassware. Extra thick and durable. Flexible silicone. Provides for a great feel. Our molds last long and are 100% leak proof. Dishwasher safe. Unique design flat bottom molds for easy storage. *The North Pole's ice balls make perfect spheres of ice. These premium quality single molds are far superior than the tray molds. The North Pole's ice molds will not create the undesirable "nipples" or "saturn rings" all trays and other less quality molds will.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Excellent Product! Clever, Fun and Practical!
Danielle Varetoni

Very impressed with the quality and durability of these Ice Balls! Easy to use and love that it comes with 2 different size balls. No spilling or leaking and much easier to use than regular ice trays. I rarely use ice cubes because of how fast they melt and water down the drink but this extremely clever design really minimizes melting time! Will definitely be purchasing more of these Ice Balls for friends and family because they make the perfect gift! These are also great for freezing fruit inside the ball for your drink/sangria pitcher or even freezing cocktail garnishes! Fun and great for those who love to entertain!Fast shipping, product came earlier than expected! Good bye ice cubes!

5 out of 5 stars Fun alternative to an ice tray with some perks

I have always has hygiene, usability, and waste complaints with ice trays. Silicon rubber ice trays are a bit of an improvement over traditional plastics, but silicon rubber is very stiff while cold, and doesn't lend itself to being a traditional ice tray design. These ice balls are actually a very pleasant and fun innovation for creating ice filled drinks.The ice ball makers are simply spherical silicon molds. Two halves that join with a tight seam by being well fabricated. The molds have a whole in the top in which the water (or your choice of liquid materials) are poured in. You let the water freeze, and voila, your ice ball is born.There is a little bit of a learning curve with extracting the iceballs, but once you get it down, you appreciate the enhanced benefits of the spherical ice.It surprised me a little how much I appreciated these simple devices. Also, a very cost effective option compared to the competition.

5 out of 5 stars Great product, Great price, Great all Around!
Amazon Customer

I got this as a gift for my brother-in-law, and he absolutely loves it! So easy to manage and get set up. I love the fact that the balls are individual and not all together in a silicone tray (have seen this mostly). Having the ice balls by themselves makes it easier to manage for when you just need 1 ball at a time. Also, with 2 different sizes, it works great since not all glasses are the same size! Great product and will definitely be getting another set for my husband!!!

5 out of 5 stars Great Hostess Gift!
Megin L. Doyle

I'm so excited about these. I bought my first set for myself and have been using the smaller ice balls for whisky and white wine and the larger ones for big ice pitchers on a hot day. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I had one of the silicone trays that make square ice cubes that don't fit into my wine glasses and leave a weird residue in the bottom of the tray. I was dissatisfied so I tried this one. The top just clicks onto the bottom, you pour water in it and it doesn't leak out of the sides like the hard plastic ones and it's dishwasher safe.I'm always looking for new, interesting hostess gifts to give (I'm tired of seeing everyone get wine stoppers) so I bought a bunch more. It's a great price, the packaging is really bright and decorative, giving all of the explanation needed so I just put a bow around it and leave it on the gift table with all of the other bottles of wine. The best part is that it's super quick shipping even if you don't have an Amazon Prime account so you can be last-minute if you want! :)

5 out of 5 stars Best balls around!

These balls are so creative, useful, & are a great gift idea! Perfect gift for a bachelor/bachelorette party and I really love how they come in different sizes. These balls hold in the cold temperature for a very long time and act as such creative ice molds. The liquid never leaks out. Am extremely satisfied with my purchase and really have no complaints. My guests that use these in their drinks- wine, water, liquor in a rocks glass, nearly anything- are amazed at how these little objects keep the liquid so cold for so long.


2Mm 3M Adhesive Sticker Tape LCD Screen/ Digitizer Sticker For HTC 4G Evo Supersonic, Incredible, HD2 T8585, Desire, Hero, Legend, Diamond 2

2Mm 3M Adhesive Sticker Tape LCD Screen/ Digitizer Sticker For HTC 4G Evo Supersonic, Incredible, HD2 T8585, Desire, Hero, Legend, Diamond 2

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Installation instruction is not included.

To securely attach your touch screen,
you need to use double-side adhesive tape to do the job.
Products received by customers would be the same as photos presented.

This sticker's length is 50 feet long.

3M STICKER Buy this if you are going to replace your touch screen.
This is the inevitable adhesive which holds the touchscreen in position.
Width: 2mm
Package includes:
1. 3M Sticker x 1CODE#D454


  • Buy this if you are going to replace your touch screen
  • Use this double-side adhesive tape to securely attach your touch screen in position
  • 2mm width
  • 50 feet long

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great Product - A Must For DIY Phone Repairs
Hyoun Kim

When my digitizer broke on my HTC EVO 3D, my cell phone company wanted me to pay $100 to get it fixed. Instead, I did it myself. While there are dozens of phone repair tutorials out on the web that tell you what tools you need (pry tool, torx screwdrivers, philips screwdrivers), most of them don't tell you that you need some kind of adhesive. Well I'm confirming that if you have a smartphone and you don't want the LCD screen and digitizer to slip/fall out, you need adhesive. With that said, I bought this one.My complaints of other reviews are that the ratings for this product is all over the place. People complain about the location, ship speed, quality but they never mention who they bought it from. If you're reading my review, take notice that MULTIPLE 3rd parties sell this exact same item. So who you pick as your seller determines all that.With that said, the vendor I chose was "BESTLED", also listed as "Besthongkong Technology Company Limited". The reason I chose them is that despite their location is Hong Kong, *SOME ITEMS* they sell are via Amazon fulfillment, which makes them:1) Eligible for Amazon Prime (I got mine in 2 days)2) Shipments are based out of the United StatesThe price I got it for was $4.29 when I ordered it.NOTE: At the time, they had it as Amazon Fulfilment - Amazon Prime. As of 9/21/2012, this item from "BESTLED" is not valid for Amazon Prime anymore. So be aware that this might come from overseas.Obviously this is cut from a main roll of the same stuff. For those of you that didn't realize, this is how they cut tape down to a specific size. Whether it's Scotch tape, duct tape, electrical tape, sticker tape; it all comes from a bigger roll. My item was *expertly cut*. There were no jaggy edges or accidents.Read more ›

5 out of 5 stars Worked GREAT for Samsung Galaxy S3
P. Kang

Bought a used Samsung Galaxy S3 with a cracked screen. Bought a screen remover kit and tried re-using the glue that was left over from removing the screen. I had problems where it the touch would not register on certain areas over the screen. I figured it was the unevenness of the screen because some parts had more glue left than other parts. I removed all the remaining glue (took a long time.. but found a trick where I would clump a ball of the glue and use that to lift the glue from other areas) and placed this adhesive sticker all around edges and available space.Worked like a charm. This is not regular "tape". This is adhesive, very similar to the glue that was already in there if not the same exact thing. My touchscreen works 100% now. I tested all corners and the entire screen. There are no issues with the device not registering my finger anymore and it looks brand new now. I just firmly pressed the screen in and it worked.If you are replacing your screen on your smartphone this is a MUST HAVE. I think to properly replace the screen, although more work, it is important to replace the adhesive.Other thoughts: I may heat the screen to melt the adhesive a little to make a stronger bond but it may not be necessary because it seems pretty firmly placed. Also when you are working with this, I recommend using very fine tweezers. Product lists several phones but it should work with almost ANY smartphone. The 2mm is small enough for any of the edges.

5 out of 5 stars Good quality; would recommend
Pamela Lewack

Product arrived exactly as advertised and the quantity shipped is likely sufficient for 10-20 phone repairs. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone repairing a touchscreen phone display.Used for: Samsung Galaxy SIII front glass replacement

5 out of 5 stars Worked perfectly.

Worked just like it said it should. Replaced my Galaxy S3 (SIII) screen from a yourtube video and it worked just like they said. Very pleased with the results!

5 out of 5 stars 3M Tape

Amazing product, use it for LCD screen replacements and it does a very professional job and is very adhesive. Highly recommend.

3 out of 5 stars Good, but not recommended for tablets.

I bought this roll to repair both of my nexus screens (nexus 7 1st gen and nexus 7 2nd gen). Quality wise the adhesive is quite good, but if you want to repair a tablet don't go for it, you'll get the job done but it takes a while to cover all the space with this narrow roll, I say look for a wider sticker or use it to repair small stuff like cellphones.

5 out of 5 stars good deal
Paul Noir

This roll is actually quite large. I replaced the screen on my android, taped it down fairly heavily, and had enough left over to redo it several times over. And so far as hold goes, I've had no problems. I'd buy again... if I didn't still have more than I need.

1 out of 5 stars Cheap piece of crap

Looking at it out of the package, its apparent that its been sliced out of a larger roll by amateurs. They unsuccessfully attempted it the first time, but got lucky the second time around. So when u cut a strip, it separates into 2 thickness - 1mm & 2mm thick strips. The digitizer came apart in 3months, with tons of debris between it and the LCD screen.Don't buy this junk - u will be disappointed.The only positive remark I can make is that it arrived quickly!


Who sells Reed & Barton Crystal Set of Double Old Fashions, Set of 4

Reed & Barton Crystal Set of Double Old Fashions, Set of 4

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Miller Rogaska Crystal Set of 4 Double Old Fashions in the Soho pattern from Reed & Barton


  • Design incorporates deep contemporary linear cuts.
  • One of the most popular patterns in crystal barware.
  • Full Lead Crystal
  • Reed & Barton Company

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great gift item.
Robert H. Welton

Researched these glasses among several others online at Amazon and other vendors, and finally chose these because they:1. Seemed to be good quality;2. Got the best reviews as compared to reviews of other glasses I researched, and3. The one comment about them doing well in the dishwasher actually sold me.Now that I have them (bought them as a Father's Day gift for my partner) they are great as they:1. Have nice weight in the hand;2. Look classy when empty and filled;3. "Sort of" match the expensive crystal decanter I bought him for his bourbon, and4. They really do okay in the dishwasher.He loves them and tells me so frequently when he drinks out of them which he also does frequently.Good buy.

5 out of 5 stars Love these glasses
Ripon Princess

These glasses make me happy. They are heavy and beautiful. They say not to put them in the dishwasher, but I do and they are fairing v. well.

5 out of 5 stars On The Rocks Glasses

Crystal Glasses are exactly as advertised and pleasing to use.Good price/value compared to other choices.May have to buy more.

3 out of 5 stars Thinned walled

This set arrived today and frankly i was hoping for something with a bit more heft. They are each 14 and 1/4 ounces (weighed on a digital scale) which is a decent weight, but the walls of these crystal are too thin for my taste. I currently use high quality glass DOFs which have much thicker walls and are heavier and I actually prefer those to this set. However the transparency n reflecting properties of the crystal are beautiful.

5 out of 5 stars A much appreciated gift.
Amazon Customer

I brought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend, because he'd gotten into scotch and bourbon and wanted something nice to drink it out of. I spent a lot of time looking for the right set and these seem to fit the bill. I got them and these glasses are wonderful. They are the right size, they're a good weight, and they're elegant. The best part is my boyfriend loved them. I'm considering getting more pieces of this collection.

5 out of 5 stars Just what I wanted!
Stephen of Camarillo

Flawless product; great packaging & service; worth three or four times the price! The glasses are classic lead crystal, suitably heavy, perfectly cut for easy handling, and provide that out-of-the-world "ching" when a couple of ice cubes are gently dropped into them, welcoming an adult treat. Honestly, though, my wife did get mad at me after "testing" out one of the glasses. She said, "You should have bought two sets." Give me a break...maybe I will. How about an old-fashioned party for eight?

5 out of 5 stars Reed & Barton DOUBLE old fashion
Garth Doverspike

Despite getting mixed answers on the number of oz these hold, I ordered anyway hoping that they would be the 12 oz size. They are. Old Fashion glasses are typically 6-10 oz and Double Old Fashion typically 12-16 oz, so I was playing the odds.Unlike some of the other reviews, my tumblers arrived safely and were well wrapped in bubble wrap. Perhaps Amazon has learned from previous issues.The glasses themselves are of nice weight and appearance. I like heavy tumblers and while these aren't the best feeling I've ever handled (those were MUCH more expensive), they do feel nice in the hand. For the sale price I paid I think these are a GREAT value. I've only had them a few days, so I can't comment on their durability.

5 out of 5 stars Quality

Very heavy glass. I bought this as a gift for a groomsman and was very impressed with the weight and quality of the glass.


Buy Bormioli Rocco Nadia Double Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 4

Bormioli Rocco Nadia Double Old Fashioned Glass, Set of 4

Purchase Now from Amazon


Bormioli Rocco's first glassware factory dates back to 1825, but historians say the origins of Bormioli Rocco glass can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Through many technological and financial investments over the years, Bormioli Rocco has grown from a single company into a group of companies and multinational production units. Present in Europe and the United States, Bormioli Rocco continues to expand as a brand leader in the Home and Restaurant market. The Nadia Collection is a full range of crystal glass stems, tumblers and pitchers.


  • Set of 4 Nadia double old fashioneds; 11-3/4 ounces; 4-1/4 inches
  • Crafted from lead-free crystalline glass in an Italian glassworks
  • Styling combines stately height with tailored bowl shape and easy elegance
  • Coordinates with Nadia wine stems, flutes, liqueur glasses, and pitchers
  • Dishwasher-safe; washing by hand recommended for best care

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Love them!
C. T. Lewis

I absolutely love using these glasses. The weight is perfect in the hand. I've put everything from juices to mixed drinks in them. They look so elegant and I swear, they make whatever you place in them taste better! Dishwasher safe. Have used them over two years now and have absolutely no problems with them. My only negative: I should have ordered two or more sets!

4 out of 5 stars not quite as pictured
E. Jacobsen

These pictures are a little misleading. I was expecting slightly "smoked" glass; these glasses are crystal-clear.Regardless, they're solid, have a nice heft, all around excellent and well-made.

5 out of 5 stars Great Glass Set

I love the look and feel of these glasses. They are very elegant and wonderful to have in the house. The base is nice, thick, and heavy. All around glass has perfect thickness.

5 out of 5 stars glasses that fit your hand

Comfortable to drink from. Easy to wash and a pleasure to hold. Somehow they feel good and are pretty yet are hardy enough to use and use and use. I bought them for me and everyone wants to hold them.

5 out of 5 stars Great so far

I've been looking for a glass to adopt as my go-to glass for drinking bourbon. I tend to enjoy my whiskeys either neat or with a ice ball. This glass has proving great for both. I've also noticed my girlfriend using it for more exotic drinks as well. It has a nice design all around, thinly walled but with a nicely weighted base, overall light weight as well. Very comfortable drinking glass. And at its price, I'm not too worried about breaking one.

5 out of 5 stars Five Stars
Rachel DeWitt

Works nice for cocktails or just a small water glass. Heavy and solid.

5 out of 5 stars Great glassware
Nicole Stephenson

I was very pleased with the glassware purchase. The glasses are sturdy yet elegant. They wash nicely either with handwashing or in the dishwasher. They make an excellent juice glass or even better bourban on the rocks. My only issue is I need to order more.

5 out of 5 stars Love them!

I love these glasses. I have been using them for at least 2 years now and have no broken a single one. I like that they are bottom heavy and make it somewhat harder for the kids to knock over!


Where to Buy Ice Ball Mold - Slow Melting Ice Balls Perfect For Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Cocktails, Pitcher of Iced Tea and Fruit Balls - Premium Quality Ice Ball Maker - Set of 2 Ice Molds Create Large 2.5 Inch Round Ice Balls - Sphere Ice Is Much Better Than Ice Cubes - Cocktail Recipe Ebook Included - Lifetime Guarantee by Cuzzina

Ice Ball Mold - Slow Melting Ice Balls Perfect For Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, Cocktails, Pitcher of Iced Tea and Fruit Balls - Premium Quality Ice Ball Maker - Set of 2 Ice Molds Create Large 2.5 Inch Round Ice Balls - Sphere Ice Is Much Better Than Ice Cubes - Cocktail Recipe Ebook Included - Lifetime Guarantee by Cuzzina

Purchase Now from Amazon


THE SECRET TO ENDING WATERY DRINKS FOREVER!DO YOU?• Love your drinks on the rocks?• Wish the 'rocks' wouldn't melt so fast so you could savor your drink longer?• Feel like you're rushing to 'slug down' your drink before those old style ice cubes melt and wipe out your drink's flavor?ARE YOU?• Looking for a FUN way to spice up your parties?• The wannabe 'go to' Gal or Guy that your neighbors flock to for great parties?Then Look No Further Because:The Cuzzina Ice Ball Maker is•Guaranteed to make any kind of chilled drink you love the talk of the neighborhood!•A visual delight with your Ice Balls bobbing cheerfully around in the Iced Tea or Lemonade pitchers•Express your creativity by adding lemon slices, fresh mint leaves or small pieces of fresh fruit to the mold•The kids favorite way to drink their juice by adding 'cool' looking 'fruit juice balls' to their drinks•Your sure-fire way to be less stressed and enjoy your guests more by filling a freezer bag with ice balls ahead of timeSpecial Features of the Cuzzina Ice Ball Molds:•2.5 inch ice balls have less surface area and melt slower than the 'old school' ice cubes•Fill Line Feature - Take out the guesswork!•You can savor the full flavor of your drink instead of feeling like you have to 'slug it down!'•A Great Gift Idea•No plastic ice tray 'aftertaste'•Dishwasher Safe•100% FDA Grade Silicone - BPA FreeIf you feel like it's time to break out of the "mold," do something exciting and put a little pizzazz in your life then it's time for you to:Order The Cuzzina Ice Ball Molds Now by Clicking on the Add to Cart Button at the Top of This Page!You can be assured of the "No Questions Asked", LIFETIME GUARANTEE!Supplies are limited so don't wait!


  • * IDEAL AS A GIFT - An Unusual Gift Your Family or Friends Will Thank You For! Slow Melting Ice Balls Will Keep Their Whiskey Ball or Favourite Drink Chilled for Longer - Fine Whiskey Retains it's Flavor - Why Not Add the Ice Ball Molds to a Whiskey Set as a Gift? - Ice Balls Work MUCH BETTER Than Whiskey Stones or Rocks and are Ideal for Iced Tea Glasses
  • * PREMIUM QUALITY SILICONE - Our Ice Ball Maker is FDA 100% Approved Food Grade and BPA FREE Silicone Which is Both SAFE and Durable - Leak Proof Seal - Easy Removal of Ice Balls - New Fill Line Indicator Takes Out The Guesswork! - Each Mold Has a Flat Base so it Won't Tip Over in your Freezer - Silicone Molds Leave NO Unpleasant After Taste as Some Plastic Ice Cube Trays or Ice Cube Molds Do AND are Dishwasher Safe so SUPER Easy to Clean!
  • * FREE COCKTAIL RECIPES - 24 Classic COCKTAIL and MOCKTAIL (non-alcoholic) Downloadable Recipes Included With Every Purchase - Frozen Fruit Balls in Cocktails and Non Alcoholic Drinks Not Only Taste Great but Look Stunning Too! - A Set of 2 Jumbo 2.5" Sized Silicone Ice Ball Molds - They are The Largest in the Marketplace Today. Sold as 2 Separate Molds so Can Easily Be Tucked Away in Your Freezer - Much More Practical Than Ice Ball Trays!
  • * ICE BALLS OR ICE CUBES? - Scientifically Proven, Ice Balls Melt MUCH Slower than Ice Cubes Which Means No More Watered Down Drinks!! Impress Your Guests by Stockpiling These Stunning Ice Rounds in Ziploc Bags in Your Freezer - Ready to Serve at Any Time! J Gregg wrote: "Terrific product. Very happy with my purchase. I wanted some large, slow melting ice balls for my whiskey or scotch. Theses work very well."
  • * LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We Stand Behind The Quality of Our Ice Molds Which is Why We Offer a No Questions Asked Lifetime Guarantee.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Easy, Fun and Functional!
Brian J Evangelista

I bought these ice balls to enjoy a cold drink and they are the best thing to happen to my drink. First off, the Ice Ball Molds are very easy to use. unwrap, rinse, snap together, fill with water and freeze. Once frozen, run under water to loosen the mold and viola! you have your ice ball. What really sold me was that the ice balls did not melt away when I ran the mold under water to loosen it. I also like that each mold is individual. Before buying the Ice Ball Molds I had tried large ice cubes - the tray is annoying to store and the cubes melted fast and watered down my drink, but the Molds are the real deal. It lasted SO long - actually it outlasted my drink and did not water it down at all. The size of the ice ball is perfect too. I was glad I bought the Cuzzina brand. When I read reviews about other brands, some reviewers mentioned the molds leaked in the freezer before the ice balls were frozen causing the buyer to have to start over - this was not the case with my Cuzzina Ice Ball Molds. These are going to make great gifts too!

5 out of 5 stars Goodness gracious great balls of ice!

I ordered this early in December and was very popular for the New Year celebration. These ice ball molds are made with silicone, it's bendable, and non-stick. Just watch my video review. This product is a lot of fun for the whole family. Let the creativity begin!

5 out of 5 stars They are big!!

I don't drink whiskey but I figured that they will be perfect for juice in the summer since I don't like when my juice gets watered down. They are bigger than I thought yet very easy to fill and you can fit them anywhere in the freezer. The silicone is soft and flexible so it is very easy to get the ice balls out.

5 out of 5 stars Much Better than the Others

I chose these Ice Ball Molds from Cuzzina for a number of reasons, and I was thrilled when they arrived and I saw that they were even better than I had expected.First of all, they are larger than the others (2 1/2 inches in diameter), and they fill a glass nicely and make a bold statement. When my guests see them, they always ask where I got them. They actually become a conversation piece on a hot afternoon!Their larger size is also better because they have a lot more surface area than the smaller ones, so they melt much more slowly - no more watery drinks! Plus, I can pour a refill and use the same, unmelted ice ball.I especially like the high-quality, thick silicone mold pieces, which are durable, dishwasher safe, and won't leak or make a frozen mess in my freezer. They are shaped with a flat bottom, so they won't roll around while I'm cleaning them, filling them or freezing them.The mold pieces fit together tightly and make a nice seal, which will not leak or spill. This is another advantage over the cheaper imitations that just make a mess. These are obviously well made, and come with a lifetime guarantee, which I'm sure Cuzzina is happy to offer on such a high-quality product.The little fill hole in the top is nice for adding filtered water from my fridge. However, my kids have found another use for it - they like to pour juice in the mold, put a stick in the top, and make big, round juice-sickles. Perfect for playing outside in the summer!The mold pieces are flexible and easy to remove once the ball is frozen. The balls come out cleanly, especially if you run a little cool water over the mold before you pull it open. They are a cinch to clean, and will fit in most any freezer with ease.I'm really happy with these Ice Ball Molds - they are much better than the others in just about every way. 5 stars for a great product!

5 out of 5 stars Fun and Easy!

This is a fun and easy way to really make drinks look awesome and keep them fresh and cold too. There are many brands to choose from but Cuzzina's attractive packaging caught my eye and the price is great too. When they arrived it didn't take me long to get my first batch of ice balls into the freezer. These silicone molds are really easy to use. The two parts snap together snugly and they're easy to fill. The two molds are individual so you don't have to worry about trying to find a place for them to sit level like you would a big clunky ice mold tray. You can always find a spot for these in your freezer between frozen foods, tubs of ice cream, etc.. Clear directions are on the box so getting the frozen ice balls out of their molds was not a problem. These ice balls are amazing looking! I used them in my iced tea and it was nice to not have to deal with a watery drink. Regular ice cubes melt so fast but these large ice balls kept my drink tasting fresh and cold. I felt pampered just looking at my glass with two big beautiful round balls of ice. One reason I chose this particular brand is because the ice molds make 2 1/2 inch ice balls. Many of the other brands I saw only make 1 1/2 or 2 inches balls. I've already made a few more batches and have stored them in a ziplock bag so I'll always have some on hand. Most people think of using round ice just for whiskey or cocktails but you can use them in any cold drink. These would make a very nice gift too!

5 out of 5 stars No more watered down drinks!

I wasn't even aware that this sort of product existed until recently, but now I'm looking forward to giving it as gifts. I'm not the world's greatest consumer and I don't often buy a lot of new products. But one hot day I decided to give this one a try because I liked the idea of having long-lasting ice balls in my summer drink. And hey, it really happens; the ice outlasts the drink, even if you are just sipping. I find it easy to use and it seems to take up less space in my always-cluttered freezer than ice cube trays. I think the packaging is attractive, which makes me think all the more about giving it as a gift. I'm sure that some friends of mine who don't drink alcohol will enjoy it for their summer lemonade and iced tea, too. Also, since I bought it, I've gotten these friendly follow-up emails with tips, and that's something I'm not used to but that I like. All in all, I've got to give this 5 stars.


Where to Buy Stone Cask Ice Rounds - Silicon Ice Mould Makes 2 Large 2.5" Ice Balls - Slow Melting Ice Balls Look Great While Chilling Your Drinking Without Watering It Down

Stone Cask Ice Rounds - Silicon Ice Mould Makes 2 Large 2.5

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Ice Rounds quickly chill your drink without watering it down. The sphere shape allows less surface area to touch your drink, making for a practical and sophisticated drinking experience.


  • Slow-melting large ice molds
  • Made of durable and long-lasting silicon
  • Easy to fill and remove the ice
  • Dishwasher safe & BPA-free
  • 2 Year Warranty

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars Great molds, fun to use.

Great for making big ice balls that will not water down your drinks... Just remember to follow the directions, and don't fill up the water all the way, as ice expands, it will overfill the mold... They are hard to get out if you put too much water in, and it overflows as it freezes. Just leave a bit of room empty at the top... (But that is in the directions)

4 out of 5 stars As expected
S. Sturgill

I actually bought one of the Stone Cask sphere molds and one set of the Tovolo sphere molds. They both work, and both seem to be high-quality items, but I found the Stone Casks release the ice spheres more easily than the Tovolo. You do have to be a bit more careful handling the Stone Cask molds on the way into the freezer lest the mold separate and the water spill, but so far I prefer them for the easier release. I give them both four stars, though.

5 out of 5 stars Death Star Ice Cubes!

Great product! Easy to use and works great with whiskey or anything else you want to keep cold. Definitely worth it. If you want to entertain more than a couple of people I suggest getting two or three of these or just making multiple batches ahead of time. Also, if you fill it a little lower than the line, it leaves a little indentation and looks like the Death Star.

5 out of 5 stars Not Pete's Schweaty Balls.
Debra Carr

If you have the room in the freezer then use should try these ice balls. We use them for trying whiskey in a fancy glass. You could also throw them at the head of an intruder. They are easy to make, don't leak, and pop out easily.

3 out of 5 stars works

its an ok product. they leak sometimes and the fill line works sometimes but most of the time the ice turns out to look like an ice boob or the death star

4 out of 5 stars Fun little balls!

Love these! the ice lasts for hours, no watered down drinks. served dinner tonight at 5:30....large ball of ice still remained at a drinking glass....That's impressive. I hate running for more ice - no need to here! I did pop the one ball when placing in careful to hold the bottom, not the sides!

5 out of 5 stars Fantastic!

I only heard about ice rounds a month or so ago, but I am totally sold on them now. Maximizing the volume to surface area ratio makes perfect sense for keeping a drink cold without watering it down. I almost never used ice in my drinks before because I hated how fast my refrigerator's ice maker ice melted and ruined anything carbonated or alcoholic. These last long enough for me to drink a glass of soda or something with dinner and then refill it afterwards (so about an hour of effective drink cooling, I'd say).So the ice balls are a win, but what about this product specifically? Top notch! The silicon shells are easy to fill with water and to open up and eject the ice afterwards. I plan on buying these for basically everybody on my gift list this Christmas.

4 out of 5 stars Fit into my large tumbler's nice
S Mac

There is an equator ring that forms where the two pieces connect. I've had several of these 'balls' split in half across the sphere at this connection, but not the end of the world. The expanding water will also freeze out of the top hole, so these balls look better suited for a bachelor party than a dinner party if there is too much water, so use care. I've had a little more success with the Tovolo Ice Molds for solid balls for about the same price, but like both products. The Stone Cask is much easier to get the ball out because it's split in the middle. So pick your evil, are you ok with some balls splitting in half, but much easier to get out of the mold, or do you prefer a solid ball which is more difficult to get out.I can drink two strong whiskey's before needing another ball in the tumbler.